Where Nature
Becomes Nurture

Actives International captures the
power of active compounds from plant,
marine and bio-fermentation sources,
to provide powerful solutions
for personal care problems.

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Active compounds exist in nature to respond to life's challenges, and help contribute to the health and long-term survival of botanical and marine plants and micro-organisms. Actives International offers an extensive selection of potent actives developed from diverse natural sources. We are the producers of ViaPure® brand high purity natural extracts. In the US we also represent the products of Contipro Biotech, and those of CLR at select accounted.

About Our Products

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About Our Partners

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At Actives International, we are focused on understanding and exploiting natural product chemistries, and using modern extraction technologies to create ultra-pure active compounds. The result is a range of unique, potent ingredients that deliver real results. These are marketed as ViaPure® brand active extracts.

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